Friday, May 22, 2009

mothers day.. a little late.

*I wrote this awhile ago but didn’t like how it sounded, so I am reworking it and posting it now*

Mothers Day is coming up, just a couple weeks away. Go moms!

Well, I always come up with gift ideas for everyone and always attach my sister’s name to it, or say it’s from her. It’s just how it works. Well, for the past two years my sister is in charge of the mother’s day gift. Yes, I do pay for it since my sister doesn’t have a job; but it is her responsibility to come up with a great gift for our mom.

My sister found the perfect gift.

The other day our parents went out shopping for parenty things (toilet paper, eggs, milk, shovels, ya know)

And they came home and my mother told my sister about this outdoor fountain she wants really bad, but my father says she does not need a fountain for her garden.


So my sister and I tell my parents we are going out shopping, to target and leave the house. We are full of giggles and excitement.

We get to wal-mart, the store my sister tells me it is at and go to the garden center. We don’t see the fountain my mom talked about. So we ask a sales associate about it.

Me: hi, my parents were here yesterday and they saw a fountain, I was wondering where the fountains are?
Lady: oh sure they are right over there

She points at a wall FULL of fountains.
The lady is nice and stays there, in case we need help and I ask my sister what the fountain looked like.

We have no idea. All we know is the price. So we tell this lady the price. There are no fountains that cost that.

Are we sure it is the right wal-mart?

So I call my dad up and ask him about it, tell him we just want to see it.

Yea the fountain is at Fleet Farm (my fav store ever, almost).

Oops. Wrong store.

So we ventured over to fleet farm and got this darn fountain.

Totally awesome by the way.

Well, in our excitement of getting this fountain and not wanting our parents to go out and buy it. We then gave it to my mom, just a little early.

The fountain is now in the living room. Because she says it’s to pretty to get put outside.

(its STILL in the living room)