Wednesday, May 20, 2009

friendly ghost

Lucas is walking!!! Well, he has been for a couple weeks but I thought I would tell you about the best Nephew Ever, just so all of you are updated.

You know when you have those dreams and you wake up and are like ‘uhhhh what?’ and there is no way you can explain it because no matter how hard you try, it is just so weird people won’t get it.

Let me give you an example.

A couple nights ago I had a dream I was a ghost. But for some reason J and Grant (ghost hunters...hello. everyone should know that) could see me and we decided to play tricks on the other members of the crew. And so,they would send them to a certain area and I would go through the walls (like Casper!) And since they couldn’t see me I would touch them, or move things or pull on their jackets. Anything to freak them out. They were convinced the place was haunted. So they would call Jason and Grant and tell them about how crazy the EMF detector was and how they should get up there so they could experience it as well. And then of course they would come up and we would laugh our heads off. Because we are very mature.

Well then someone from TAPS called Sam and Dean (supernatural) and so there was this big case because I was a ghost but I wasn’t like normal ghosts. And so they didn’t do their magic with me because I apparently could help them later on, and I was hot and we all know how Dean is...

And it went on from there.

Crazy right?

Why was I the ghost?

And why did I have to be DEAD before I got to experience an actual paranormal investigation.

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  1. That dream would have totally made sense to me.

    Except in my dream, I would have slammed Dean down on the floor and got busy with his naked self.

    I'm just sayin'. :)