Sunday, May 10, 2009

shopping trip

Last week I went on an adventure.

For those of you that know me, you know my vibrator broke. The top that turned it on came apart. And I fixed it for a couple days but then it was making me mad, so that was the end of that. I ended up going back to my roots and getting off my using things I found around the house.

Until Wednesday.

I decided to go to the sex store, all by myself, without telling anyone, and pick out a new toy.

So that morning I woke up, got ready and drove to the nearest toy store for adults. I wasn’t nervous at all. The people that work there deal with this every day. To them it’s not a big deal.

I parked my car. And got scared. I must have sat in my car for a good 20 minutes before getting the courage to walk inside. As I did that, I felt as if everyone that was passing me had their eyes on me, and they were shaking their head in disapproval. So, I stuck my nose a little further in the air and pushed the door open.

I was greeted with a woman asking for my ID. As I handed it to her I wondered if she noticed my hand shaking. She Okayed me to enter the store and I skipped to the ‘woman’s toys’ section. As I browsed the store I giggled in my head as a passed the ‘anal bead’ section and a couple of the other toys, thank goodness none escaped out of my lips.

I looked at the toys and ventured around for a little while looking for something to catch my eye. The woman must have thought I looked suspicious because she came up and asked me if I wanted help with anything. I told her no, I was just looking and she said ok. She then told me if I wanted to see how anything worked I could bring it up to her and she would show me!!! Oh the jokes that entered my head... I told her thank you and continued looking.

I finally found a toy that I was looking for and walked very slowly to the register. She then asked me if I wanted to check it out and test it before I bought it. I told her it would be ok. She then told me that if it doesn’t work I can’t return it. I told her to get some batteries.

She put the batteries in it and turned it on. She then handed it to me asking ‘is this strong enough’. At this point I said thank you to God for not making me a blusher. I told her yes, it would be fine. And she then commented on how people need different things and that matters and I agreed with her and I caught myself in a conversation about the strength of vibrators.

I then paid and walked out of the store.

With my black bag.

Happy as can be. I was no longer embarrassed about having this toy in my hand.

When I got home I actually didn’t rush to my bedroom. I had a conversation with my mom and talked to her for a little while and then went up to my room and tried out my new toy.

Well, it wouldn’t turn on. I am not kidding you.

I freaked out, I know it worked in the store; I had the batteries the right way (alright so I may have tried all ways and no matter what it didn’t work). I was not happy. I was looking for the receipt so I could call and ask her what was wrong with it. And just at that moment I got it to work.

A smile spread across my face and I settled into my bed, ready for some action.

*note to friends- I didn’t tell you guys any of this because I wanted you to be surprised as you read this blog post. Don’t get mad please.


  1. Well first off CONGRATULATIONS! I remember the first time I went toy shopping alone, and it can be a little weird.

    I do have to mention though that some of my favorite toys have come from recommendations from the people at the toy store. A lot of times it is something I would have never though to buy or try, so if the store is quiet, let them tell you about a few things! You never know the fun that could await you. :)

    I hope your day is beautiful.


  2. hehe Sounds like fun. When they ask me about needing help I always say Yes ma'am I'd like a demonstration of your favorite. I turn the blush on them!

    Congrats on your first in store purchase.