Saturday, March 26, 2011

A story you say..

Would you all like a story? Okay, since I am not in the mood to argue, I will share one with you.

Of course it is about when Gord was here, what else would I have a story about that I feel like sharing?

Gord was here. And I was all nervous, but I wanted everything to be amazing (which it ended up being). So. I brought a gift for him to open to break the ice. so he opened his package, which of course was his smitten mitten (a mitten with two arm holes, so you can hold hands while outside walking without freezing your hand off!).

He opened it, and I explained what it was, and then he smiled and put his hand inside it… and asked for my hand.. so I hid it.

No. I am not kidding.

I told you! I was nervous!

And it just dawned on me like two nights ago.. that I rejected him. but I think is okay, because now whenever I think about it, I smile and laugh at the fact that I rejected him and he is still around.

Oh how I love that man.

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