Sunday, August 8, 2010


-This post is in this format because this is the only way I could get the person to agree to me posting the story-

The other day my friend was making dinner, and like usual, as his water began to boil his girlfriend called with hints of being naked and exploring her body. so, he did the gentlemanly thing, that his girlfriend really appreciates and turned the burner off to get frisky with his girlfriend.

They are getting frisky, and the moaning begins.. and then it ends. And they are left panting and oh so happy.

He gets out of bed, and begins making dinner, with his girl still on the phone. He turns on the burner.. and notices heat on his member.

The heat is getting worse

He finally tells his girlfriend

‘ohhh I think I got hot sauce on me’

Being the smart ass that she is she asked him where he was talking about

‘oohh I think you know’ was his response

She laughed. And laughed and laughed.
As her boyfriends member burned.

I think the term ‘payback is a bitch’ fits nicely here.

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