Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the post about the boyfriend

Gordon lives in Vancouver; he does construction work and is 35.

He is amazing at loving me.

Him and I met online.. in a game..

It happened really fast. Him and I were just talking, I simply enjoyed talking to him. And we would spend hours chatting and laughing with each other. And then one night he told me ‘yea I got asked out today and I told the girl I was taken’.

And my red flags came up.

And I freaked.

I knew that was his way of telling me he was interested in me.

I was over Adam, and really was enjoying being single and not trying to replace Adam at all. I was happy just being by myself and flirting up a storm.

I don’t remember what I told him. I knew I liked that he said that about me, he planted the seed for me to think about being with him or not.

We chatted as much as possible. I think he lost a lot of sleep because of it.

A few days later I was in a skype chat full of people him and I both knew. Sex came up. And me, being single, didn’t feel the need to hold back. I really do enjoy talking about sex, so I did. He came on, and got upset. He would never ever try to control me in any way, but he asked me ‘if I were in a chat with all women and said the things you said, would you like it?’ and of course I would not.

But I told him I was not his girlfriend. And he can get upset all he would like and I understood, but him and I were friends. So, he asked me to be more.

And that is how we became official.

About 3 days later we exchanged I love you’s.

Everything with him happened really fast. And I am willing to go to Vancouver for him, I am willing to move out there. But I would like to take my time. I do not want to rush into anything. I am 21 years old. And Gord and I talk about marriage and things we are going to do with our kids and how we are going to raise them all the time. And I LOVE talking about that stuff, but I sort of want to really take my time in making it happen.

I have found my fairytale, and I am in no hurry to find out how it ends.


  1. That is very sweet. But I usually don't believe in online relationships. But I'm happy for you. But you're 21, and he's 35. You could have a little bit of trouble, but I hope you'll overcome it :)

  2. Well I hate to agree with Pra but that is pretty much how I see it and have seen it play out all over the blogs. NOT to say it won't work but its surely a long shot.

    Be careful!!!