Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I feel as if I am not understood today. I feel that my thoughts and my feelings are getting tangled and I try to express them but people look at me all funny.

Today is a hard day. And I think I am going to now accept that. And I am just going to allow myself to cry if it comes out. And I am going to allow myself to be sad.

Because tomorrow is a different day, and tomorrow I will be happy. Because there is nothing to be sad about.


  1. When my daughter was about 5 she was crying and I said "Baby why are you crying" and she said " daddy sometimes girls just need to cry"

    I think she is right.

  2. Well it's not only girls who need to cry. Maybe it's considered this way cause girls are more sensitive than boys, but few boys are sensitive too. It's better to cry, instead of keeping things inside which gradually turns to anger :)