Wednesday, April 28, 2010

road rage

I think I may have developed road rage today. And sort of ruined a few people’s days because of it, normally I am a very calm driver, but here is what happened.

I was driving along on the highway and I saw the car behind me was catching up; I couldn’t get over because there was a car in my way. So I was passing that car first. I looked behind me and the car behind me was RIGHT ON MY ASS. So I was finishing passing this car, and looked behind me again, and the woman in the car was making gestures at me… so… I decided not to get over for the women. And to slow down a wee bit. I am by no means a slow driver. I was going 70 in a 55 zone. When I saw how rude the lady was, I slowed down to 65. So really, not too slow. And if she would have waited for me to pass the car, I would have gotten over so I wasn’t in her way.

She was behind me when my exit came up, still on my bum. So I decided to go on an adventure and stay in front of her… we went about 5 more minutes and she passed me and totally tailgated a freaking SEMI truck. I watched her cut off another car to pass the semi truck, and then was on the ass of the next car that was in front of her…

To be honest, I think she totally deserved to have her day ruined by me. she needs to learn how to allow cars time to get over because she gets pissy.

I turned around and was stuck in rush hour traffic (I LOVE getting stuck in traffic.. gives me time to listen to more music). I got off the highway and was going through a stoplight by my house, a car was turning right. My light was green so I was going… they were going as well. They weren’t stopping.. I was stepping on my breaks and honked my horn (first time I got to honk at someone!!! yay!!! Go me!!!!) they stopped and I went. When I turned around I saw there was a state trooper behind them that turned on its lights and had now stopped the car that almost ran into me.

I don’t think those people had a very good day today either.


  1. ha ha! some people are really irritating :P

  2. some people are crazy drivers! They need to check their emotions at the door before getting behind the wheel.