Wednesday, May 5, 2010

list of 10

It is time again for a positive/happy/ in love with list. Because I am having a rather downer of a day, and need something to cheer me up.

1. The trees are green! Yay!!
2. I love being in a book club! I love getting together with them and meeting new friends and having a grand ‘ol time.
3. I am really in love with Disney’s ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ song from the lion king. I must say, I do a phenomenal job of acting out that song. Eye rolls and ROARS and everything.
4. I am really lucky that Heracio is such a cuddly bunny. I love wrapping him in my arms and giving him a kiss or two or ten.
5. Naps with Maggie (or dog)!!!! I love how she cuddles up to me.
6. My plans for hiking!!! I found a trail about an hour from my house. And the next day I have off and Gord has to work.. I am totally going out there for an adventure.
7. Hot showers! Even if it is 80 degrees outside, I still love hot showers
8. Have you tried my spaghetti? It is amazing!
9. I am up to 18 followers! That is amazing to me!
10. Listening to Gord breathe makes me happy. I have no idea why. But just listening to him has a calming effect on me. Sometimes during the day I wish I could just hear him breathe.

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  1. Dang girl you got it bad for gord!