Friday, May 7, 2010


Things I did today (because I know you all care)
• At work today I totally put together a sailboat (twas fake), I think I am ready to take on the real thing now.
• I made an egg today for lunch and followed my instincts, when I smelled something burning I flipped the egg (my cooking skills are improving!)
• I realized today when mothers day is this year.
• I laughed really hard at ‘sneaky gays’ via Sue Sylvester’s (sp) news broadcast
• When I was running my errands I wore my winter jacket.
• After being cold in my bedroom for about a week now, I finally got the courage to shut my bedroom window
• I shed a tear or two when thinking about how often Gord works, and how little I get him
• Smiled when I saw gas prices are starting to go down again
• Laughed at my dog when she had to go outside in the rain
• Decided I love mini peanut butter cups (yum)

Wewh, what a productive day. now I am starving and have to go to the grocery store and decide what to have for dinner..

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