Saturday, May 15, 2010

one hurdle

I enjoy masturbating. I enjoy masturbating, a lot. About 3 times a day, more times on a good day. when I am stressed out, I masturbate. When I am sad I masturbate, when I have a headache or am sick, I think you can guess what I do.

There is nothing other than being too tired to do it that stops me. it is easy to put me in the mood, and unless I am super tired, I will be up for it. why not? Why not have an orgasm?

So, I am used to doing it whenever I want, as often as I want. But being in a relationship has changed that. I try to wait until he is home from work, and we can do it together. That means usually we can do it at night (after 9- have to wait for those free minutes to kick in). so about once a day. Monday thru Fridays, weekends are rather easy as we have all day.

I can do it whenever I want, I know that. but I always feel a wee bit selfish when I do it without him. because his sex drive is just as high as mine (maybe even higher…) and I know how hard he works and how much he enjoys doing it together as well. So, I try to wait. But once a day, five days a week is NOT enough for me. I need more.

And we can do it twice at night, but then after the second time he gets exhausted and falls asleep within 15 minutes, and I sort of like to talk a little more than that. so, we can play my favorite game ‘Jessica gets to orgasm and you get to listen’, but then I feel like a tease (and hey, lets face it, I am a tease).

This is just one of the hurdles we face in a long distance relationship.

At least I get to think about him whenever I masturbate.

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  1. Well with your ability to orgasm many times daily I don't think he is out anything by you doing it when he can't participate. I mean if you did it all day and then when he got there you were too tired or didn't want to do it again for/with him then it would be a loss to him but as long as you are game when he is there he is out nothing. Plus you can tease him relentlessly with texts/pics/vids during the day like "I just came for you, see?"

    why not? Why not have an orgasm?

    so I say masturbate at will!