Sunday, August 29, 2010


When first starting to talk to someone they hit on you, a lot. You say you are naked and they get all excited and are like ‘oohhh’ and their ermm interest is peaked. There is tons and tons of heavy flirting that goes on, making both people feel amazing.

But as time goes on, and the person that was hitting on you realizes he has you, its no longer important to flirt and be all interested in your nakedness. I think these signs mean the two people are now a couple that has settled into each other and are comfortable, and no longer feel the need to impress each other.
I have found a full time job!!! I am now an auditor. It is exciting but also super boring. I do the same thing over and over and over again. but I am getting paid fairly well and HELLO that means in the spring everything will be set up and worked out so stacy and I can move out.

We have to wait until spring to do it because.. this job does a ‘seasonal lay-off’ because they do lawn care and well, in Minnesota no one needs their lawn mowed in the middle of winter. So after winter has passed we will move out. EEKKK!!


Stacy and I are not talking right now. She was not being very nice, and it just sort of built up and built up and I sort of, very meanly, told her what I thought. She then sent me an email apologizing. A few days later we went out for ice cream, and she pretty much attacked me. she was not nice at all. I didn’t say much because I wasn’t in the best of moods, and I knew if I started talking I would say some mean things that I would later regret. So I was just quiet. And she ate SUPER slow so I couldn’t leave. and finally she said some things and I had had enough, and I told her I was leaving, she could stay there or leave with me. all I wanted to do was cry. She said some extremely mean things. Her and I have not talked since.

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  1. at least you admit you said it in a mean way, because you did. and i did apoligize and you know why. i'm not trying to be mean, i'm just telling you stuff that needs to be done. and i can't even talk to you about the apartment stuff, because i'm afraid of what you'll say because you were being mean. and it seems like you dont want to talk about it, when we have to. and i was worried about meeting with you, you were quiet, i noticed that. i didn't know what to say and i dind't know how to even bring up stuff.. but i felt like crying that night too, that did not go at all the way i exprected and we didn't even hug. and so i just took off. and what was soo extremely mean? because you said some mean things as well. after that, i wanted to leave. thats all i'm gonna say on here for now.