Monday, January 18, 2010

Mon Amour

10 things I am in love with:

1. I am completely in love with music. Listening to my IPod through headphones, feeling distant from the world, getting lost in my own. I love knowing no one else can hear what I hear. They don’t know the thoughts that are running through my head, or the songs that are creating them.
2. I love waking up in the morning to messages. Messages telling me good morning, or things that I had missed in the night.
3. I love waking up in the morning, even though I am not a morning person. The crisp air, the birds singing, knowing there is a day ahead of me with new things to discover and learn.
4. I love being naked. I love feeling comfortable enough in my skin that I can walk around my room naked and not caring if someone walks in on me. I love the feel of my sheets against my skin. The way my blanket feels when I wrap it against myself.
5. I am in love with remembering things that made me happy as a child. Going to the book store and reading ‘Where’s Waldo’ or squishing bugs. Making forts and pretending to be a pirate, I never want to be too old for those things.
6. I am in love with the lake. I am in love with how no matter how cold it is and how scared I am because it is dark out, I feel comforted by being there. The peace that washes over me by being by it.
7. I absolutely am in love with VHS tapes (especially Disney ones). Getting to get up and dance and sing along to the music that flows through the TV. The random memories of watching it when I was a child. Remembering eating cheerios or walking up to the TV during my favorite parts.
8. I am in love with not caring. Letting things not bother me. I have come to terms with the fact that some people simply will not live up to my expectation, and I will not make excuses for them. I feel a weight has been lifted since I no longer feel the need to work things out so I can care about them the way I care about people.
9. I love getting told about dreams people have had about me. How exciting it is to know they think about me enough that I am in their unconscious.
10. I am in love with the beauty of the world. I know there is more bad out there than good, but I have chosen to look at the good and the beauty. I will focus on the good, and hope to make even more of it. I have faith that the world is a beautiful place and I will find that beauty everywhere I go.


  1. Girl, THIS is one beautifully amazing post.

    I am in love with your 'in love' list.


  2. You've inspired me. I'm writing my own "10 things I love" blog. Thanks.

  3. This post was like a breath of fresh air...more because I think my own list would read very much like that.

    Maybe I will sit down and write up my own :)