Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing up

In my eyes, my sister will always be the little girl that broke my tea set. She was the bratty kid that would never share with me, but expected me to share with her all of the time.

She will always be the little kid that would spend the night at friends houses with me, and start crying to ruin the night.

In my eyes she will always be the girl that cried in school until I went to her class and gave her a hug and held her and told her it would all be alright.

She will always be my little sister that I need to protect.

But tonight, she went to her first formal dance; and for the first time, I noticed that she is no longer a kid, she is almost an adult, someone that I go to for advice. I consider her one of my best friends.

I worked all day today, and when I came home she was waiting to put on her dress. She wanted me there when she got ready. I did her make-up and giggled and goofed off. We had fun taking pictures because my grandma wanted to feel like she was there (we even took some of Jenn putting on her deodorant!). She got dressed, with the special bra for the dress and everything. We went downstairs and took a million more pictures. We giggled and giggled, and in the van we went (with our mom) to her friend’s house to see her off and take more pictures.

I made sure she didn’t fall in her fancy shoes and watches as my grown up sister hugged and greeted her friends.

We went home, and that was that.

I am really thankful to have such an amazing relationship with my sister, and that I still get to take care of her. I cant wait until she comes home and tells me all about her night.


  1. aww that almost made me cry!

    and your just noticing she's growing up? lol you funny!

    and i wish i had a sister sometimes...

  2. I'm the smallest in my entire family, even if we include all my real uncles :'(

    The only person smaller than me is my little nephew, and I love him a lot too :)