Friday, July 3, 2009


My adventure.

I had to go and get tabs for my car, a simple enough task. My mom was going with me (I didn’t want to go by myself). She told me to grab my drivers license and off we went. On the way over I was looking at my drivers license and saw the expiration date… February 2009…

Remember I got pulled over? That cop didn’t say anything.. I guess I got really lucky.

So we went to the DMV (it’s a different place than where you get Tabs) and I filled out the paper work, and we waited in line. And waited.

And waited.

There was an old lady and an old man. The lady was very cranky and all mean, but the man was joking around and was funny. He actually seemed nice.

Apparently if your DL expires before you apply for a new card, you have to take the written test again.

There is no way I can pass that test.

So we waited in line.

then we were next in line, and both the people were free. My sister and I were goofing off (she wanted me to get the lady) and trying to see who I would get.

I got the old man.


So I walk up and tell him ‘yea… I looked at my DL today and it was expired…’ he laughed at me and told me ‘yea I hate when that happens’ and then he asked if I had been pulled over and I said yes, for having a light out but the cop didn’t say anything. He was pretty amazed by then.

He then told me how much I had to pay, and to step over there to get my picture taken (it kinda sucked because I ran out of the house with no make up and my hair was up in a pony, so the pic will suck).

And then I had to sign and blah blah blah. And the old man told me ‘with your luck you should hit up the casino soon’ and I laughed at him.

It was funny. And then I left.

Good story right?


  1. Yeah, that cop was either half-asleep when he pulled you over or was having a decent day and decided not to say anything. Either way, serious luck!

  2. great story, that's casino-strength luck for sure

    cool blog