Friday, July 24, 2009

cuddling dreams

I have had these amazing dreams lately. I think others would agree with me on that point. They are rather simple, no action, no running around, no sex even(would that constitute as being categorized under action?). they are plain and simple. And I will try and convey one of them to you here.

Usually it starts out with me waking up, with someone next to me. the feeling of the warmth of their body next to mine. In the dream I can tell they love me and I love them as well. Usually his arms are around me, and our legs are touching. He nuzzles my neck with his nose and squeezes his arms around me. I take in his scent and keep my eyes closed. We stay cuddled together, enjoying each others company.We fall back asleep, in our lovers embrace. Eventually I wake up and turn around so I am facing him, and then we cuddle that way for a little while.

It’s a really simple dream, but I love it. and to be honest, it’s the best dream I think I have ever had. And I love that I have them almost every night. I love the feeling that is inside them, being protected and having someone love me so much. And I love knowing that one day this will all happen.

I am getting all gushy now aren’t I? I will stop now.

Sorry for being MIA, everything is super busy.

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