Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stacy and I

I forget sometimes that people that care about me and know me read this blog, and I hate to say it, but I am too busy to talk to them and give them detail events of everything. So, this is what happened with Stacy and I. Its long, and makes me cry. but this is my side of the story.

Alright, this is the story of what happened with stacy and I. I know that there are two sides to every story, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I in no way expect you to take any sides at all, or even get involved. But this is what I feel happened.

Her and I were fighting, and we emailed back and forth and came up with things that both of us have to change. She wanted me to make more of an effort to talk to her, and be the one to initiate conversations and texts, and she also wanted me to tell her more about what was going on in my life. She felt like she was getting left behind. I wanted her to listen more, and talk less. Because I felt like she didn’t care, so I didn’t say much.

So we go together at perkins a few nights later (I invited her) and she said a lot of really hurtful things, and it got to the point where I told her I was leaving and asked if she was staying, or leaving with me. she said she would go, I went home and started crying. this was back in September.

In late September she sent me a text saying she decided to move out on her own. I felt blindsided because she didn’t talk to me about it, or ask how I felt about it. I know I have no say in what she did, but it would have been nice just to be included. So, I didn’t say any of that. I simply said that makes sense since she can, and asked her when she was going to sign the lease and move in. she told me her dad and her already signed the lease, and she was moving in October first.

I congratulated her and was happy for her. it was a big step, and she needed the support of her friends. I texted her every couple of days asking her what she was up to or how she was, and she would respond with one word answers. Which, as you know, is not normal for her. I knew that she didn’t want to talk, so I just let it be, I was doing what I said I would, I was making an effort to talk to her.

She didn’t have time to get together with me. she was too busy working and whatnot, but her and Kristen would always hang out. I felt that she didn’t really want to spend time with me, and that something was going on that she wasn’t telling me. but I didn’t say anything, because she already wasn’t talking to me and I didn’t want to start a fight.

Finally I told her I should maybe come over after work one night to bring over all of the stuff I had for our apartment (because remember I was supposed to move in). there was TONS of stuff that my aunt and grandparents had gotten for her and I. she agreeded to that, and that night she didn’t really talk to me. I enjoyed her company and although she was really quiet, it felt really good to hang out with my best friend. We were in bed, about to go to sleep and I told her that I have really missed her, and I enjoyed spending time with her. she responded with ‘umm okay’.

And then the next day, I had to get up and go to work, and off I went. The next time I heard from her was an invitation I got in the mail. A open house to HER new apartment. I was hurt because I thought maybe she would wait until I moved in, or at least include me in the party planning? Maybe talk to me about it? but she didn’t do any of that.

So, again, I kept my feelings to myself, because a good friend supports her friend no matter what. And stacy needed support, and again, this was a really big step. moving out on her own and everything.

So my family and I went to her party, and I was surprised that I had a really good time. everyone left except for Kristen, stacy, my sister, Robbie, and i. and we played games and had a really great time. Kristen brought me home, and on the way we were talking about how great the night was and how much fun it was hanging out together again, and how fun Robbie was, and how stacy and him should really talk again.

The next day I tried texting stacy, and I got one word responses. After a few days of this, I asked her if she was mad. she told me yes. I was EMBARRASING around Robbie…um what? Apparently she didn’t like some of the things I said, and she didn’t like how I acted.

At this point I had had enough of her treating me so horribly. I told her I acted like myself, and I will not change who I am to make other people happy. she couldn’t think of anything that I did that was embarrassing, just that I was. And if you are embarrassed by something someone does, you usually remember. My sister says its simply because I had no problem talking to Robbie, and stacy is jealous of that.
But anywho back to the texts. I told stacy as her friend, I deserve much more respect than she has been giving me and I deserve to be treated better. She responded with ‘ok’. I told her if she didn’t want me moving in with her, I was completely fine with that, because her and mine friendship means a lot more to me than moving in together. She simply had to tell me. she didn’t respond to me.

I worked it out that I would be able to move in December first. I told stacy that, and I told stacy that I should apply to the place so that way everything was set up. I asked her when she would be available so she could go with me, since you know, I would be living there with her. she told me she wouldn’t have time to go with me.

So about a week or so later I went with my mom. Her and I signed the papers and they said all I have to pass is the background check since stacy already is approved and lives there.

However long later, I got a call saying that I was approved, and all that needs to be done is to have stacy, her cosigner and me sign the lease again so we are all three on it.

All of a sudden stacy was saying her and I have things to talka bout before that happens, I said that’s fine, and asked her when we could get together to talk things over then. she told me she didn’t have time. I said that we needed to talk things over so I could pack my stuff and get everything settled and I had to make arrangements to start moving, she told me I shouldn’t be in such a rush we had time. it was November first, I had a month. I told her I didn’t want to pack and then have her change her mind. so I needed some sort of commitment from. She told me ‘you are just clinging to this’. I asked her what she was talking about. She said I was freaking her out and she needed time to think. We continued texting for four hours. It sounded like she was just saying what her mom and dad were telling her to say, the converstion didn’t sound like her at all. And it ended with ‘you neeed to let me know tomorrow when we can get together to talk about everything or when I can pick up my stuff’

She didn’t respond to that.

I haven’t heard from her since that day.

I have tried to text her, and she wont respond. I wrote in m blog about how much I miss her, and how horrible and empty I feel without her in my life, and she didn’t respond to that.

I miss her so much. I miss her every day. there are so many things that are happening that SHE should be part of. and that I should be part of. and its all wrong, this is all wrong. and I hate it. but I also don’t want to be friends with someone that treats me the way she was treating me. and I don’t know what else to do. I know if I apologize for how things are, then that means she has the power again, which is what she wants. And we are back to her treating me like crap, and belittling me and her hurting me again. so SHE needs to talk to me first, and make an effort so that way things will change.

Gah. You know, its still to the point that I am sitting here crying as I write this out. It just hurts not having her in my life. There is so much that I want to tell her, and that I want to ask her. and its just horrible. and I hate it, but I don’t know how to change things.

And I know there are spelling and grammatical errors in this, but I have to switch loads of laundry and get ready for work, I am behind now, this took me much longer than I thought it would to write out.

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