Wednesday, September 22, 2010

taboo no more.

When I started this blog, I decided nothing would be off-limits. I would talk about whatever I wanted, however I felt I wanted to talk about it. Gord is a very private person; him and I had a conversation and he said that he will not tell me I cannot write about sex, but he is not comfortable with it himself. He would not stop me from writing about it, and I can do as I wish.

Since he is not comfortable with it, I decided not to write about it. but lately I have been thinking; I write about sex because it seems so taboo for women to masturbate, and even more taboo for them to talk about it.

So I have decided to open up the SEX door again, and share my stories with all of you.

I never got aroused or turned on my fingering or penetration myself with some toy. It was just sort of ‘meh I should do it to prepare myself for sex’ but then somewhere along the lines I found I really enjoy using one small vibe as a dildo, and placing another one on my clit. The orgasms aren’t as intense, but I enjoy the feeling of having something inside me.

Since I seem to kill all of my vibes, it was only a matter of time before the one I was using on my clit buzzed out (teehee). That left me with either fingering myself, or buying a new toy.

HELLLOOOO new toy!!!

….it turned out to be a horrible toy, and I have not used it since the day a bought it (yea yea I rush home to try the new toys out when I get them, so what).

So I just decided my clit was fine and dandy. It gets the job done.

Well, lately I find that I FREAKING LOVE fingering myself with a vibe on my clit.

Oh my gosh. Again, orgasm is not as strong, but I LOVE the feeling.

And isn’t masturbating all about the feeling?

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