Monday, September 13, 2010

maybe i am wrong

I see myself as a really great person. I feel that I have great morals, I hold myself to a high standard. I am honest, I care about others. I love everyone and do not judge. I see myself as a very nice, very caring person.

But could I be wrong?

Over this past week or two, friends and family have been coming out of the woodwork and telling me how horrible of a person I am. I have been getting told how selfish and rude I am. I have been getting told that I don’t care about anyone but myself and am pushing all of my friends away in order to get what I want.

I like to believe that all of the people that tell me those things are wrong. they do not know me or simply want to believe I am a horrible person to make themselves feel better. I hold myself up and stay strong. I stay true to what I believe and ignore what they say.

But, I have a confession.

I am starting to doubt myself. If all of these people see me as such a horrible person, if they see me as so selfish and such a self centered person, maybe they are right. There is the saying ‘maybe its not everyone else, maybe its you’ that may hold true here.

The people that I have in my corner are becoming fewer and fewer but the other side of the ring is growing stronger and gaining fans all of the time.

I do not see myself as a bad person. I see myself as the type of person I would look up to; but what if I am wrong and am looking up to selfish people that push everyone down in order to get on top?


  1. I don't know myself. When i have to introduce myself, i have no anything enough to tell the listeners that it's difficult you know who i am. so you know about yourself even if it's wrong in others' view but i think that it's very good as seeing yourself.

    (I hope you understand my meaning, I have no English skill -*-)

  2. Just remember there are certain people who do love and believe in you....Pepin