Monday, July 26, 2010

an adventure i dont want to have again.

I got a haircut today.
It was horrible (not the haircut.. well to be honest I haven’t looked at that yet, but the experience was horrible).

I walked in to the salon and there was a lady waiting I went up to the counter and she goes ‘haircut?’ and I said yes. She said she could take me right away, and pointed to the chair I should sit in.

And then I told her what I wanted. She fought me on it.
‘are you sure you want to go that short?’
‘yea, I am sure.’
‘sure you don’t want it right here? With your hair being wavy, it will get shorter when it dries’
(WAVY HAIR?!? HELLOOO its super curly!)
I said I was sure I wanted it that short.

Then I said maybe some side bangs.. and that was another argument.

And then she starts cutting. No small talk. She looks angry. The only thing I really have to look at is the mirror. And I TRY not to catch her eyes.. but I am super bad at that.

So we kept making awkward eye contact. With her angry face, and scissors in her hand.

It took her about 15 minutes and she was done. she asked if I wanted bangs and I said ‘yea I think side bands would finish the look’

She then told me side bangs were a bit more to take care of and take more time, and asked if I was sure I wanted to deal with that.

‘no lady, I don’t want to deal with my hair at all to be honest. But since my boyfriend is against me shaving my head, I don’t really have a choice. So yes. Side bangs please’

(ok ok that’s just what I said in my head)

So I got side bangs. And I don’t know if I like them. because I am a wee scared to look in the mirror.

I don’t think I want this woman to cut my hair again.

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  1. Where'd you get your hair cut? I'm looking for a place to get mine done but I have yet to find somewhere that has people who can cut hair nicely.