Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If you have a penis, I would suggest not reading this post.

When I was entering womanhood, and got my period for the first time, it was no big deal. Yes, it was annoying and I hated it and was paranoid about other people noticing. But I went and ran around with my friends until dinner time, and after did homework and everything was normal.

Then as I grew older, the stomach pains began to get worse. So sometimes I would have to stay home, because there was no way I was gallivanting around the neighborhood when I cant move.

And then I got my drivers license and found ice cream fixes everything, especially when my insides are yelling at me to come out.

And then the next year or so I started getting headaches, and getting tired more often and needing AT LEAST 100 hours of sleep a night.

And now, I am finding when it is time for my body to hate me, my nipples are sensitive, and my body aches ALL OVER. What the hell is with this? I have to force myself to move and to get up and go for a walk and leave the house.

This is horrible. I am worried about what it will be like when I am in my 30’s.


  1. aww darling.. that does not sound fun! I"m sorry!! hope things get better and aren't as sucky in your 30S!

  2. I, of penis having fame, read the whole thing! Now don't misread that, my penis isn't famous, quit ordinary actually, so don't misinterpret!

    It must suck to be a chick that time of the month. I would have that, I can't imagine how it will be when my daughter starts hers, maybe she'll be a late starter, like ummm 18. her momma was 12 tho so I suspect she'll be about that same time.

    Hope it get better!

  3. jess I LOVE YOU! just thought i'd let you know.. see you tomorrow!!!

  4. I hate that girls have to bear this. Don't worry, just concentrate on some other things :)

  5. dont be sad as this proves a woman has more will power than man!!!!

  6. Yeah, I guess sometimes having a penis isn't so bad.