Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Reasons why 5’6’’ and 1/4th is the perfect height:

• Wheat eating off of the counter, I don’t have to bend down at all. It is perfect height for me
• When walking by the lake I don’t have to duck from the branches of the trees
• I can reach the top shelf in the cupboard by going on my tiptoes and stretching just. A . little.
• People can see above my head when sitting in the movie theatre
• My head fits perfectly on Stacy’s shoulder when we hug
• I am in the middle of what Gordon views as the perfect spooning height
• My feet don’t touch the ground when swinging, even though I am almost 21
• People see me as tall, even though I am not
• My heels won’t get dusty if I am with a tall enough guy.
• I am tall enough to go on roller coasters


  1. You're completely correct. I, too, am 5'6" and it's awesome being this height. :)

  2. LOL@ big enough to ride roller coasters!

  3. i especially liked the one obviously where you said fits to my shoulder! I'm not the only one you hug though. but it was nice.
    and the one with gordon was cute. although you spelled his name wrong and i do want to say gordan not gordon. lol but i remembered this time!

    and the rest of it's pretty cool.

    I just got some ideas for your birthday... lol ba hahah you'll never know. and yes that was random..

  4. thank you! name spelled correctly now.

  5. lol aand YOU commented GASP>>>

  6. You should add small enuff for Pepin to pick you up and carry you in an emergency :)