Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last night I was talking to a friend, and he was telling me how he is sick of girls wanting him for attention. That is all they do is fight for his attention, and he is getting sick of it. He is that guy, the guy that walks in a room and every girls head turns and they then think of a plan to get as close as possible and show these other girls they are boss, and are getting this incredible guy. They tease him, and do all the things a girl does and then they leave him. Because that is all they really wanted, was to show that they could get his attention.

And this made his very sad.

And this made me sad as well, because there was nothing I could do to help him. And I hate that feeling.

He is one of those guys that ‘needs space’ when they deal with stuff like this, and so I have to just leave him alone while he figures this out.

I like helping people. I like cheering people up, that is what I like to do. I like fixing people’s problems. The reason that I am so well liked and people go to me so much is because I am so good at making them feel better, it is sort of my thing. Those that are around me know I am going to brighten up their day. If I mean to or not.

And I couldn’t cheer him up. He was all broody and in a state of thoughtfulness and he wouldn’t really talk it out with me, because that is just the kind of guy he is.

I hope he figures it out. And decides not to let people use him. Because he is a great guy and I enjoy every time I get to talk to him, and I don’t like seeing him sad and broody.

I don’t understand women. I don’t understand getting a guy that you are not at all interested in, just so you can show him off for the night. I don’t understand the need to use men like that. If I am talking to someone, and giving them MY time and MY attention, it means I like them, that I find them interesting. it has nothing to do with beating the other girls in the room.

Women are just so shallow.

It makes me sad.

I wish I could teach them how to love themselves and that in order to be happy, they do not need to be on the arm of some guy.

Anyway… I digress

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  1. Well you can't fix em all and you can't right every wrong, just help those you can and leave the others for someone else to help!