Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 days

10 Things that have happened in the past day or two:

1. I realized more often than not, I squeal when looking in my jewelry box and finding the perfect thing for my outfit.

2. I went to target (which is dangerous in itself) and forgot my list, but decided WHAT THE HEY I can do this! And left with 2 of the 6 things on my forgotten list, and a few new things not on it.

3. I cut myself with a really sharp knife and found I can’t find my band aids. Only to realize AFTER I drove to work with my bleeding finger, they are in my medicine cabinet.

4. I gave Heratio a pep talk on how to NOT let Albert bite his ears.

5. I got motivated to do the elliptical AND talked myself out of needed a cookie for breakfast.

6. I have avoided doing the dishes. Who needs a sink or counterpace anyway?

7. I have started my list for what I need to pack for my cruise.

8. I have informed Gord of some of the things I am planning to do while I am there in December, and he is at work (note: he doesn’t get a say).

9. I admitted to myself the reason my pants are getting tighter is because I am eating more and exercising less (please look at number 5 again).

10. I got to shop for a baby present!


11. I found out I am going to be a Godmother!!

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