Friday, January 14, 2011

the little brat

May we talk about my sister for a minute or 10?

I love her so freaking much. I look at her and I see how different from me she is. She is much rougher around the edges, and refuses to correct her grammar, even though I politely point out what she does wrong. she hates reading, but sometimes buys books ‘just in case’ she will like it.

I had a great day at work the other day, and decided to take her out somewhere. It surprised me how happy I was to have her next to me. we share secrets, share plans we refuse to tell our mom about. We laughed, and danced. And we just got each other.

I think its just a sister thing, I don’t have to explain to her when I talk to myself, or why I am doing something strange; she just knows.

I love going out with her. I love our little ‘dates’ together. I love how well we take care of each other, and how amazing it is that we are always looking out for each other.

There are times that I really dislike some of her decisions she makes, and I don’t always like her. but I am glad she is my sister, and I would be extremely lonely without her.

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  1. My sister is probably my best friend, but she is also the person who pushes my buttons THE MOST.