Friday, December 9, 2011


Gordon is all ‘eat healthy be healthy blah blah blah’ and I totally agree; even with the blah blah blahs, but I am a women. Which means chocolate is vital for my survival in this world. So today, I walked to a drug store (like a snyders in the states), and bought a BIG bag of mixed chocolate candies. I then sat on the couch and ate a crapload of them.

And now I feel like crap. But at least I have candies hidden (oh yes I went there)?

I have decided I don’t really have anything to write about, and don’t have any motivation to write. But I love my blog, and sometimes I do feel I need to write in it or get something off my chest. So it will stay here, but I will not be writing at all often.

My first day in Vancouver (I am here until the second week in January) I was all ‘I am going to be so cool and walk here and there and everywhere and explore and be super amazing and just like a local’ what happened was a wee different. I ended up getting lost. And walked into the wrong apartment complex when a cleaner guy opened the door for me and called me darling more than once and questioned who I was and what I was doing there and inspected my keys, only to find out when I walked away from him it was the wrong building. I also got a little lost walking to the seawall and that’s how I ended up all over.

But you know? I love living with Gord. We are starting to get comfortable around each other (I was little spooned last night because he said something mean and I was gassy…that will teach him). I plan on upping the kissing, I just have to get the courage to do it.

We cook dinner together every night which I love. I am doing the dishes so he can do what he has to do, and that means more time for me (and you thought I was doing it to be nice to him).

Everything is going well, and I am glad we have been giving this opportunity to have this time together.


  1. Good to see you are alive....but I have no addy for Xmas cookies...dun dun dun...drop me a line pooter

    _ Pepin

  2. hey you! i sent you an email because i was super excited about hearing from you!