Monday, October 10, 2011

another list

10 things happening now (since lists are easy)

1. I am trying to win 1000$ from the radio (keyword: TRYING)

2. I cleaned my kitchen and the rabbit cage! Now I need to work towards the rest of my house..

3. I went to the zoo with my sister this weekend. I think she is really nervous about having a baby

4. I am rather pissed off at my internet company at the moment. I believe IT IS their fault when I don’t have internet, they believe otherwise.

5. I cant wait to see Eric and Kayla again (they are 2 and 4) so we can snuggle and they can drive me crazy

6. I am not making plans next weekend. Next weekend belongs to me.

7. Elliptical and eating healthy are the way to go. The numbers on the scale CAN go down instead of up!

8. Getting laid off puts a lot of stress on you, and makes you worry about money and about going on a cruise.

9. Last week I turned 22 ½.

10. When I look in the mirror I love the beautiful person I see looking back at me.

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