Monday, June 27, 2011

the one were i gush

I would like to tell you about my Saturday, but don’t worry I will skip the boring bits.

I don’t know if you know, but my sister moved out. The day after she graduated high school and moved in with her boyfriend. They live about an hour away, so I don’t really see her anymore. The week before this happened I took her out for breakfast and told her how much she means to me and that it is important that her and I stay in touch, and stay friends.

She was in town this past weekend.
And it has only been about 2 weeks since I have seen her, but OMG I missed her so damn much.

So I kidnapped her.

We went to the humane society and pet soft warm animals, and pined over the puppies, knowing neither of us can have one any time soon.

And then we went and I showed her where my apartment is. And we got scared, because it may be a little sketchy.

And then we got lost.
And ended up like 40 minutes away from where we were supposed to be. And I got to hear all about her life. All about what she is doing and things she does. And I was so glad that I took that time to visit her. Because she is going through a lot. And she shouldn’t be going through any of it, but she is. And she will be. So I just sit back and watch. But I loved that she talked to me, and spent time with me. And most important, she opened up to me, and told me all about it. I didn’t ask, I didn’t probe, and I didn’t talk down. I listened and she kept opening up more and more.

And honestly, that was a great feeling. I think she needs someone she can talk to and that person can be me.

And I will have a couch for her to sleep on soon enough.

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  1. i love you jes so much, more then u will ever know. u mean so much to me. jen